Weekly Meeting

Each CNI Chapter will have a total strength of 80 Professionals. The Chapter will be formed by a Group of 60 Members representing varied segments of the Construction industry together with a Group of 20 Members who will be Builders, Architects or Engineers seeking the products/services from those 60 Members in the chapter. It is hence ensured that each Participating Member capitalizes on all possible business leads for the segment represented by him/her, from the remaining Members in the chapter. Meeting will be conducted according to the CNI norms which are follows :

Meeting Procedure

Weekly Meeting

CNI Meetings will be organized during weekdays or weekends as preferred by the Chapter CEO and Core Committee Team, in every week.

Meeting Venue

The CNI Chapter Meetings (other than Virtual Meets) will be organized in the Banquet facilities of Star Rated Hotels. All expenses incurred towards organizing the meet will be shared among the Members and Visitors. The Meetings will include Monthly Referral Meets, Review Meet, Training Programs and all other Meetings.

Member's Networking

Time will remain the quintessence of every CNI Meet. A session for networking among the Members will precede the start of any CNI Meeting. which could be accommodated for a maximum time duration of 30 mins.


* Meeting invitation has to be circulate 5 days prior to the meeting through whatsapp, email and any communication mode among the chapter members.

* The invitation has to be mentioned venue, date, time properly.

* Chapter logo should be appeared in the top position of the invitation and (1) Name of the Meeting Chairman (2) Name of Chapter CEO (3) Name of the Secretary (4) Name of the Membership Development Chairman and (5) Name of the Treasurer should be appeared bottom of the invitation.

* Chief Guest name should be appeared prominently in the Invitations along with his/her Photograph and Topic.

Chapter Banner

Chapter Banner should be displayed behind the Head Table Visibly.

Head Table

Head Table should be decorate as the Protocol wise (1) CEO (2) Secretary (3) Meeting Chairman (4) MDC.

Seating Arrangements

All the weekly meeting seating arrangements should be conference type or U Type.

Front Desk

Front Desk has important in all weekly meetings at the entrance of the hall for collecting the visitors fee, and database, maintaining the attendance by the Associate Membership Chairman.

Time Bell

The Secretary has to be maintain the time bell incase of excess time has to be taken by any members at the time of self introduction and product presentation.


Members who wish to be benefited from the session are hence encouraged to register their attendance 30 minutes prior to the official starting time of the CNI Meeting. Each Member is expected to record his attendance physically in the register made available at the venue entrance front desk which is obligatory for the Member to enter the Meeting Venue.

DND Protocol

All CNI Meetings will strictly follow a DND (Do-Not-Disturb) Protocol and all Participants will be instructed to turn their Mobile phones to silent modes or requested to switch off their Mobile phones.

Self Introduction

Every Member could avail a maximum Self Introduction time of 45 seconds during the meet and the preference will be provided on First-come-First- served Basis, based on the attendance time log.

Master of Ceremony:

The Secretary will preside the meeting procedure each and every session has the Master of Ceremony.

Meeting Run Order

* Every CNI Meet will start with Silent Prayer followed by the Chapter CEO wear the garland to the Meeting Chairman.

* Welcome Note by the Secretary, with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. This will be followed by CNI Pledge preceded by the Chapter CEO for a duration of 1 min.

* A Brief of CNI will be Explained one minute by the Chapter CEO.

* The New Members introductions will be held at least two minutes for each members and induct them with preach the CNI Pledge. The induction has to be execute by the Chapter CEO or Membership Development Chairman followed by preach the individual CNI Pledge through pining the CNI Badge.

* The Meeting Chairman will introduce the External Speaker of the Meet and hand over the dais to the Speaker, who is permitted with 10 to 15 minutes.

* The Member presentation session will follow, with a maximum permitted time slot of 45 seconds per Member.

* Visitors as invited by the Members and introduced by a participating Member, will be permitted from varied business segments of the Construction industry, to a maximum strength of 10 numbers per Meet. The visitors are permitted with time slots of 30 seconds each.

* The Meet will then progress into the Referral sharing session lasting for 30 minutes and ASK session, thanks note will be included in this session.

* The Meeting will then move to Recognition of the week for the Members extending for a time duration of 10 to 15 minutes. The recognition awards will be distribute (1) Maximum Referral of the Week (2) The Maximum Visitors Invitees of the Week (3) The Maximum One to One of the week (4) One time presents of the Week (5) Best Self Introduction of the Week.

* Followed by vote of Thanks will be delivered by the Secretary.

* Birthday & Anniversary Celebration will be celebrate by the Membership Development Team.

Monthly Awards

The monthly recognition will be honored to the valued members in the second meet of every month (1) Star of the Chapter award will be disputed to the highest giver of the last month. (2) Caption of the Chapter award will be disputed for the best meeting chairman of the last month (3) Ambassador of the Chapter award will be disputed for the highest visitors invitees of the last month.

CNI is an exclusive Referral networking Forum, for the Construction Industry Professionals, conceptualized and initiated by M/s. PROMPT TRADE FAIRS (I) PVT LTD., in association with the Builders Line Publication.

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